Article written by Diane Elms Explaining One Protocol of Drugless Cancer Care.

Today’s healthy habit is about a combination of natural plants, a mineral and a solution that allows the combination to penetrate deep into the tissues of the body.  This article will be about black salve.  Black salve is a generic term, like peanut butter because there are many recipes for this amazing and I truly mean, amazing natural poultice that draws tumours out of the body.

Just in case you are skeptical, let me give you the details of one of my patients. A female came to my office with an MRI showing an 8x5x6 cm cancerous tumour, 4 cm from the chest wall.  What the MRI was stating was that this cancerous tumour was large and deep within the breast.  In fact I could not feel the mass within the breast, it was that deep. In the first week the black salve mixture was applied three times to the breast in the area described by the MRI, ultra sound and thermography. By day 8 the tumour was drawn to the surface and both the patient and I were able to feel the tumour under the skin.  On the 15th day the tumour completely detached from the body.  What is even more remarkable is that not one drop of blood occurred, no lymph glands were disrupted, no sweat glands damaged, no muscle tissue interfered with. Her oncologist ordered an ultra sound at the Juravinski Cancer clinic and an independent ultra sound at a different location. The oncologist stated the tumour is gone and that my patient is not the only person who has successfully used black salve.

This is one of those articles that photos speak louder than words. First photo, day one, second photo, day eight, third photo, day fifteen, fourth photo, thirty days later.

In my opinion the black salve penetrates into the body and allows the immune system to recognize cells in the body that are abnormal, like cancer.  Then the immune system begins to push the destructive cells out of the body.  That is key! You see the body has a hard time recognizing cancer cells on its own, if it did, the body would try to destroy the cancer cells. Another point, the black salve has no adverse affect on normal cells.

What if you decided to take 2 or 3 weeks and try the black salve, before an allopathic approach, meaning chemo or radiation?  What if you could avoid chemo or radiation? If the black salve doesn’t work what have you lost, but if the black salve does work, what have you gained.

Of course some people will be concerned about the cost of this protocol and rightly so but what most people are not aware of is the cost of many pharmaceutical drugs that people take during  cancer treatments that are not covered by OHIP or extended health care, if you even have extended health care.  You might be surprised to find out that some drugs cost as much as six hundred dollars per chemo treatment, out of pocket costs. It’s no wonder there are so many more fundraisers for individuals with cancer.

Let me stress that you should never do this protocol without the supervision of a health care practitioner.  Health Canada has listed two plants that could be used in a black salve combination on their warning list.  The warning states that Sanguinaire or Blood Root and Chaparral could possibly cause discolouration on the skin if used in too great of an amount.

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I realize the quality of this video is not the greatest but the information is powerful!

Drugless Cancer Care part 1

Drugless Cancer Care part 2

Contact office for initial phone interview, appointment schedule and package pricing for drugless cancer care.

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