Speaking Engagements/Workshops

Information is knowledge, knowledge is power and power is control or choices.
The more choices any individual has means better decisions can be made for that individual. It is my desire to provide practical and simple teachings through humour and everyday experiences to drive the point home that we all deserve good health and it’s not as hard as some might think. In an hour or more depending on the topic, your guests, employees or members of your organization will be enlightened and empowered.

Previous speaking engagements include both public and private functions from 10-3000 in attendance.

More and more workplaces are providing my services both for speaking and consulting. It has been proven that healthy employees are happy employees and happy employees perform better. It is also proven it is less expensive to prevent a health challenge then it is to provide long term benefits.

Stress is the number one robber of good health! Lack of communication and poor relationships in the work place can cause stress and ill health. .

Some workshop topics

Understanding You In Order to Understand Others, In life we have to deal with PEOPLE, learning about yourself will enhance your relationships with others.  This webinar is for your relationships with family, co-workers, friends and your children.  Having better relationships reduces stress.  Stress affects your overall health.  Better relationships, better health.


*Is anyone listening to me?

*How do I feel appreciated-How to show others you appreciate them

*Working To Reduce Stress

*Life Is A Journey

*Enhancing Your Relationships

*Unlocking Your Best Women's Day

*Designing Your Life

*Gaining Control of Your Health

*Advanced Iridology

For more information feel free to contact me at dianeelms@choicesforhealthandharmony.com

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to meet such a profound speaker, Diane Elms. I think this course will help us all in numerous ways. Thank you again." - J M, Environmental Officer (letter from an employee to the employer)

"I have known Diane for over a decade and had the pleasure of having her speak (embark knowledge!!!) to classes full of fitness professionals and those concerned and proactive with wellbeing!

Each appearance I learned something fascinating and each time the class was thrilled and inspired by what she has to share!

I am always so overwhelmed by the depth of knowledge blended with her light hearted ability to connect and speak to crowds!!

"I have also been blessed to have her in my life and been thrilled with my evaluations and insights she has brought to me!!" - Michele Drake Fitness Professional-Master Trainer-pro trainer freelance journalist