As a homeopath and natural health care provider, I am not allowed by law to use the terms diagnose, treat, cure or any language that is only allowed to be used by a medical doctor. The information below was freely provided by my patients and is their wording and opinion.

If I did it...and these people did it...
...doesn't it make sense that you could too!?

"Diane has eased me into opening a door to myself. Her kind heartedness, knowledge and patience during our time spent together was unparalleled by any other practitioner I've had the opportunity to work with. She helped me to understand the strong connection between mind, body, and spirit, and what that means on an individual level. " - Rosanna

“I would highly recommend the iridology class, instructed by Diane Elms, since with her very informative class you are learning from the best. What a great way to assist a patient in obtaining optimal health.” - Karen Huschilt BA,DHMHS, CCI

" I can’t thank Diane enough for finding the perfect remedy for my 3-year-old son. Her attention to certain details regarding my son’s personality was crucial in finding the remedy that suited him. My son was getting cold after cold with a cough that seemed never ending, and after trying everything else with no success, Diane took his case and came up with a remedy for him. For two months after his first dose of the remedy, he hadn’t been sick at all. Not even a sniffle of his nose. After those two months I noticed he had a runny nose so we re-dosed and the next day the runny nose was gone and no cold was anywhere in sight. Since then he’s been healthy and happy, which is all a mother wants for her child.
There’s nothing better than knowing I can help my son get better when he’s sick without filling him up with antibiotics or other prescription drugs I know nothing about. Even better, his remedy works to prevent colds and viruses from even entering his body. That is more than I could ask for!
I think if more people knew just a little more about homeopathic medicine, they would be easily sold on the benefits of it for themselves and especially their children." - Emily Craddock

"Just a note! This is the first year that my seasonal allergies haven't drove me nuts so to speak. Your remedies gave a lot of relief and peace of mind-sleep..Also we have been treating knee’s for arthritis .This has been improving also. Little use of Pain killers at night is required. I will be using Your treatments for the future as its gives front line health care without costly drugs that produce many side effects that I do not want. Thanks Again for your expert advice and your willingness to listen to the problems that most of us have." - David M. Rusling

"I have been consulting Diane Elms for the past several months with regards to my health. I have been ill for approximately 3 years with several stays in hospital and the road to recovery has been long and there did not seem to be an end to the tunnel.
My first appointment with Diane was to have my eyes read (iridology) and the outcome was very accurate. With Diane's help I decided to try homeopathic medicine as conventional medicine was not improving my condition.
I am very pleased with the results. My pain levels have decreased considerably and my strength has improved. Each day I get stronger and the time frame has been much less than with conventional medications. I feel that the homeopathic medicine is helping to cure my condition whereas the conventional medication was just hiding the symptoms.
I would highly recommend Diane's services." - Marylou M.

Systemic Juvenile Arthritis

"In 1990 Bobby was diagnosed with JRA (systemic juvenile arthritis), and in 1998 he nearly succumbed to the complications of his disease and medications, upon contracting the chicken pox.
However in 1999 be began to cleanse, supplement and change his lifestyle with the guidance of an Iridologist (Diane Elms).
Since then he is healthier than he’s every been in his whole life. For the first time he attends school almost everyday, he is able to participate in activities that he was unable to do before.
Bobby continues to improve by leaps and bounds everyday and for that we are truly grateful."
- Tracey

Thyroid, Eye Sight

"I started working on my health with Diane about a year and a half ago.
I had a very bad cold at the time, which was the least of my health challenges. The more prominent challenge was that I had been diagnosed with was a hyper thyroid.
This can be a very serious disease that attacks many different systems of the body. It was causing my body to starve itself. When all was said and done, the specialist only gave me two options. One was to shrink my thyroid with radioactive iodine, and the second was to remove my thyroid surgically. To me this was very serious as I could only consider that I would be having one of my organs removed. I felt that there must be something else that I could do, but what? I was ill for a while until I received the information from Diane.
Very simple information that gave me other options and allowed me to take control of my life. I know have my thyroid under control and am not taking any medication, nor did I have my thyroid removed. This was the major advantage that came from working with Diane, but I also started seeing other little things improve. For one instance, I have had bad eye site since I was a teen and for every year that I wore glasses I needed a new stronger prescription. Since working with Diane for a year and a half, for the first time I did not need a new prescription.
This is just one of the great things I am detecting and I am sure there is much more to come. I am very thankful for Diane’s dedication and genuine passion and care for helping people. She has made a real difference in my life and the life of my family."
- Kippy

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