What To Expect

A full consultation usually takes between 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours.
This can be a personal consultation or through Skype..
Family appointments can be arranged.

Upon arrival you provide no information other then name and age.

A photo is taken of your iris, both left and right. This is very gentle on the body as no body parts are touched physically. You will have an opportunity to see the identifying marks in your own iris. Then a more thorough examination takes place. I use a magnifying glass and small light. The systems and weaknesses are charted.

Next a health and wellness program is provided specifically for you from what is noted through the iridology evaluation. The health and wellness suggestions are in food intake, stress management, exercise, cleansing and building of the body and other important components.

Next, the homeopathic consultation takes place.

The key to your program is to bring your body back into balance. This is not a one step program but entails looking into the mind, body and spirit of you.

Program suggestions always take into consideration your lifestyle, family, time and financial ability. It is better to take it slow in the beginning and form lasting new life style habits then to bombard a person with so much that it is overwhelming and no changes take place.

After your first appointment a follow up takes place to see how the body is responding. The follow up is usually 2-4 weeks after the first consultation.

Cost for the first appointment ranges from $250.00 to $100.00, depending on what professional services you choose, refer to consultation page. I would highly recommend the full package of homeopathic and iridology. Receipts are provided. Payments to be made in cash, cheque or PayPal.

Office is a perfume free environment.

Consultation hours are flexible.

I have an international practise. Your consultation does not have to take place in my office, but you have that option. Your consultation can be done by Skype, or telephone. All that I require is a digital photo of both rises.

To take a digital photo, use a tripod or stack of books to make the camera lens the same height as the iris. Take a photo of one iris at a time. I use the following settings, macro=little yellow flower, fine quality, red eye and then I zoom in. You may have to adjust your settings depending on your digital camera. The most important aspect is that the photos are sharp focus. It is best to take the photos indoors with no reflections in the iris. I do not have a special digital camera, any digital camera can take a quality photo for an evaluation.

For an eye opening appointment contact Diane at dianeelms@choicesforhealthandharmony.com.

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